Jusuf_picsmallDr Patricia Jusuf (Group Leader)
Patricia received her PhD at the University of Melbourne in 2006. She undertook postdoctoral training as a CJ Martin fellow at the University of Cambridge, UK. In 2011, she joined the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute, Monash University to establish her research program focused on neural development and regeneration using the zebrafish eye model. Since 2016, Patricia has been a lecturer at the School of Biosciences.

stef2Stefanie Dudczig (Research Assistant)
Stefanie completed her undergraduate and Masters degrees at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany in 2011. Her Masters work focused on the characterisation of Cxcr5 in the regenerating adult zebrafish telencephalon. In 2012 she was awarded an 6-month internship and subsequently hired to work at the University of Cambridge, UK. She joined the lab in January 2014 and works on various projects as well as managing the laboratory and providing technical support for students.

Aaron Krylov (PhD candidate)
After completing a BSc(Genetics) at the University of Melbourne, Aaron completed a successful Masters of Science (Biosciences) in 2017. He was awarded a PhD scholarship and has resumed in the lab in 2018 investigating the molecular and cellular processes underlying photoreceptor regeneration in the zebrafish retina.


Jiaheng Xie
(PhD candidate)
Jiaheng  has established a novel zebrafish zebrafish pipeline to assess the neuroanatomical, electrophysiological and psychophysical phenotype. Using this he is now investigating the links between environmental and genetic factors driving the increasing myopia incidence.  He is co-supervised by Dr. Goodbourn (The Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences) and Prof. Bui (Dept. of Optometry and Vision Sciences).


Kellie Veen (PhD candidate)
Kellie has completed Honours project investigating the conservation of molecular mechanisms driving regeneration following neural damage in the fruit fly and zebrafish. She’s come back for a PhD co-supervised with Dr. Louise Cheng (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre) in 2019.


Lachlan Wallace (MSc candidate)

Lachlan is investigating the role of the Netrin family of proteins in wound healing and epithelial closure. He is co-supervised by Michael Murray and Patricia Jusuf, using both Drosophila and Zebrafish to explore the conserved function of Netrins across animals.
Lachlan completed his BSc (Genetics) at the University of Melbourne, and returned to begin his Master’s project in 2020.


Paolin Rocio Caceres Velez (JN Peters fellow)
Paolin obtained her PhD from the University of Brasilia, where she investigated the hazards and risks of compounds and nanomaterials using human cell lines, zebrafish and mice models. As a postdoctoral fellow, she is establishing her research program studying the mechanisms of gene modulation by mitochondria-targeted antioxidant therapies. She aims to combine the benefits of botanical compounds from Native Australian plants and use of zebrafish and mice as preclinical genetic visual models.

Julie Hercus (MSc candidate)
In 2019 Julie obtained her BSc from the University of Melbourne. Throughout her studies she completed a wide range of subjects from different departments before focusing on her passion: Genetics. She has now returned to begin her Masters project under supervision of Paolin Rocio Caceres Velez, using a zebrafish eye model to assess the role of Antioxidants in the protection and recovery from oxidative stress.


Sarah Kiloni (MSc candidate)
Sarah is commencing her masters in 2021 working under the supervision of Patricia and Paolin, employing the zebrafish model, and using screening techniques to investigate the therapeutic capacity of Australian plant antioxidants and botanical compounds for the treatment of glaucoma. Sarah has a personal interest and passion for targeted therapies against neurodegenerative disorders and optic neuropathies, so she has found a great home for her research interests!








Alice Brandli completed her postdoctoral study in the lab and has been awarded a prestigious NHMRC early career fellowship starting in 2018 to work in Prof. Fletcher’s labs. Congratulations!

PhD students
Jeremy Ng successfully completed his PhD in 2016.

Masters students
Aaron Krylov completed his Masters in 2017 and is returning for a PhD in the lab after travelling through Europe in 2018.
Anthony Karamalakis completed his Masters in 2019 and has taken up a research assistant position in a zebrafish cancer laboratory.
Nicholas van de Garde has been successfully awarded a Masters project at the end of a very crazy 2020!

Honours students
Liana Goodings completed her Honours in 2014 and subsequently joined a lab to work as a research technician in London, UK.

Undergraduate Science Project students
Anastasia Lewis (2016)
Noor Tariq (2018)
Jia Jian Loh (2018)
Marija Dimitrievska (2020)

International Intern students
Luca Hoehne (2019)




2018 Pre-christmas celebration of another fun and successful year in the Jusuf lab.
Thanks to all the students and Stef for their hard work and dedication!


Group photo on Luca Hoehne’s last day in the lab following her excellent research presentation.
Luca joined us for an internship from the University of Luebeck and quickly became an outstanding lab member that will be missed! Good luck for your future career Luca!



Welcome to 2020 Lab Winery Lunch in the Yarra Valley!


Great venue to combine with 20th Australian and New Zealand Zebrafish meeting that I was co-organising the the Yarra Valley.