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About the theme

The default theme for unimelb WordPress sites is based on the Web Design System. The design system is in constant development, and this theme offers most of the common functions and features, but maintains the simplicity and ease of use of WordPress.

Requesting a site

WordPress is just one of the web publishing platforms offered at the University of Melbourne. It has some particular strengths, which make it more suitable than other platforms for certain situations. It’s quick to set up and get started, and easy to use, but there are trade-offs in flexibility and support. Ideally, though, we don’t want people requesting WordPress sites […]

Analytics in WordPress

An overall Google Analytics profile for all WordPress sites has been installed. It will provide you with a quick overview of basic traffic, right in your dashboard. If you need more information, for example, you want to track campaign traffic, you can raise a request on the web help desk for assistance. If you’re really […]

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