Engaging Digital Learning Tools: a virtual tour of Horizon lines

Horizon lines exhibition

There is only one month left to experience the Noel Shaw Gallery’s current exhibition, Horizon lines: the ambitions of a print collection. Showcasing works from renowned European print makers such as Albrecht Dürer, Adriaen van Ostade and Rembrandt, the exhibition celebrates some of the significant pieces within the Baillieu Library Print Collection and helps students connect to the cultural history of their institution.

A virtual tour is now accessible through the University of Melbourne’s Library website that identifies objects or motifs within selected prints and links them to architecture, sculptures or other fascinating items within the Special Collections that can be found on the Parkville campus. Discover how the Tudor-style windows of the Old Quadrangle Building relate to van Ostade’s The Painter and learn where to find an armillary sphere like the one that can be seen in Jacopo Caraglio’s School of an Ancient Philosopher. This virtual tour was created by Mary Henkel, one of this year’s research assistant interns for the Special Collections at the University of Melbourne.


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