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  1. Interview with Madeline Roycroft on the Éditions de l’Oiseau-Lyre Archive

    Woman holding a '78 inch vinyl record, in front of shelf full of vinyl records in paper sleeves

    Madeline Roycroft is working as a Research Assistant in the Louise Hanson-Dyer collection, which sits within our Rare Music collection. Madeline is also currently a Grainger …


  2. Who are these performers and why are they in costume? “Wolfie” to the rescue!

    Photo of seated man and woman in sepia tones, wearing theatrical costumes

    Problem solving was an incidental and unexpected benefit of using our new Wolfvision visualiser last week. Known affectionately as “Wolfie”, it allows objects from Archives and …


  3. An unexpected discovery: Peeling back the layers in the Old Quad

    Photography of large interior room with orange carpet and high arched windows

    During the refurbishment of Old Quadrangle’s North Annex from 2017 to 2019, the architecture of the original library was revealed along with two pieces of linoleum …


  4. Intern Conversations: Allegra McCormack and Larika Desai

    Table with albums full of faded newspaper clippings

                                                              Nguyen, Thu. Allegra (left) and Larika (right) at International House. 2021   Allegra McCormack and Larika Desai met through their Museums and Collections Project Program …


  5. Would you like to help us improve our website?

    Martin Waldseemüller, Tabvla Nova Asia Minoris, 1513, Rare Maps, University of Melbourne

    We’re looking to update and improve our website and need your help! Do you have 5 minutes to take a quick test of our new web …


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