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  1. A not-so-familiar Father Christmas: A Merry Christmas Polka from 1847

    Looking at Christmas music in the Rare Music collection from Victorian-era Britain, I was surprised to see an unfamiliar Father Christmas-figure—a grinning giant—at the head of …


  2. Australian-made piano rolls – a generous donation to Rare Music

    While piano (or pianola) rolls might seem the ultimate in technological obsolescence, rare music was delighted to accept a generous donation of 126 piano rolls (just …


  3. James Cassius Williamson: A Musical and Theatrical Legacy

    Rare Music has a magnificent collection of Concert and Theatre Programs including a compilation of J.C. Williamson programs covering opera, drama, comedy theatre, musical, ballet and …


  4. Alkan in the afternoon: an unusual recital on Percy Grainger’s piano

    On Sunday 28 August the galleries of the Grainger Museum rang with the sound of Charles-Valentin Alkan’s music played on Grainger’s Weber Duo-Art piano by Stephanie …


  5. The 1886 school operetta, “Women at work”: a new acquisition for Rare Music

    Women at work, an 1886 operetta by Thomas Mee Pattison, with libretto by A.J. Foxwell, is a very rare and rather curious recent addition to the …


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