1. Charles Meryon and the French etching revival

    By the early 19th century in Europe, the intaglio technique of etching had fallen out of popularity in the graphic arts. Etching was a popular printmaking …


  2. The Great mirror of folly now digitised

    Het Groote tafereel der dwaasheid or the ‘Great mirror of folly’ as it is known in English, is a unique Amsterdam publication complied around the year …


  3. Our future was ours: Darren Sylvester loan to the National Gallery of Victoria

    Our future was ours, a lightjet print made in 2005 by Melbourne artist Darren Sylvester was condition reported this week in preparation for its loan to …


  4. News of the Popish plot

    The 2019 object-based learning program created a headline through the Popish plot pamphlets which amazed students in the summer intensive course: The History of News from Street …


  5. Faithful and frightening: The Renaissance imagination explored

    A post by Mary Henkel who is an undergraduate student at the University of Melbourne studying Art History.


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