1. The story of Harmonillus, a lemon-fingered boy


  2. Chinoiserie: designs of the East and West

    Occasionally, works of art in the Baillieu Library Print Collection will remain mysteries even after a bit of research, such as this series of five Chinese …


  3. The Mirror of Venus, in Print

    If this engraving appears familiar, albeit here in less colourful tones, that is due to it being a reproduction of Pre-Raphaelite artist Edward Burne-Jones’ painting of …


  4. Going to the ballet—A new addition to the Rare Music Collection

    The Baillieu Library’s Rare Music Collection has recently welcomed an exciting new addition. This work comprises two volumes, as part of a limited edition of five …


  5. Ulimaroa: a name of curious origin on early maps of Australia

    This map, titled Karte von der Inselwelt Polynesien oder dem fünften Welttheile: nach Djurberg und Roberts, or Map of the islands of Polynesia or the fifth …


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