1. Hey, Hey it’s The Monkees!

    A visitor experience of the Baillieu Library’s Monkeemania in Australia exhibition


  2. Ukiyo-e under the microscope: Conserving nine Japanese woodblocks from the Baillieu Library Print Collection

    Over the past three months conservators at the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation (GCCMC) have been treating nine Japanese woodblock prints from the Baillieu Library …


  3. A Ride to Heaven or to Hell? A new Dutch broadsheet in the Baillieu Library’s collection

    A bizarre wagon surmounted by a seven-headed beast makes its way across the centre of a tumultuous image. The grotesque central motif of this 1621 broadsheet …


  4. Connecting collections at Manchester and Melbourne

    An exciting project afoot is a collaboration between the universities of Melbourne and Manchester to connect these two geographically distant, culturally rich collections. Face-to-face encounters have …


  5. Cleaning the English Rare Book Collection

    A team of four conservators from the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation recently completed comprehensive cleaning of the English Rare Book Collection at the Baillieu …


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