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  1. The peasants’ feast by Sebald Beham

    The mid-16th century, marked by the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, was a challenging time for artists working in northern Europe. In January 1525, only 7 …

  2. Charles Meryon and the French etching revival

    By the early 19th century in Europe, the intaglio technique of etching had fallen out of popularity in the graphic arts. Etching was a popular printmaking …

  3. Faithful and frightening: The Renaissance imagination explored

    A post by Mary Henkel who is an undergraduate student at the University of Melbourne studying Art History.

  4. Drawing detective: An intern’s perspective

    Snapshot interview with Research Assistant, drawings intern, IMaC award recipient and Melbourne University student, Sakina Nomanbhoy.

  5. The Rare Books Collection: How did it all start?

    Prior to 1959, the university library’s Rare Books Collection was relatively small. The first significant contribution to the collection was the George McArthur bequest, which was …

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