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  1. Hey, Hey it’s The Monkees!

    A visitor experience of the Baillieu Library’s Monkeemania in Australia exhibition

  2. Connecting collections at Manchester and Melbourne

    An exciting project afoot is a collaboration between the universities of Melbourne and Manchester to connect these two geographically distant, culturally rich collections. Face-to-face encounters have …

  3. Dark imaginings: A new exhibition and website launched

    Dark imaginings: Gothic tales of wonder, a new exhibition in the Noel Shaw Gallery, was officially launched on March 1st. Dark imaginings explores the emerging 18th century …

  4. Love and skulls: An exhibition loan to the Art Gallery of Ballarat

    The exhibition Romancing the skull at the Art Gallery of Ballarat opened to the public on October 14th. Object loans from three of the University’s Cultural Collections (Harry …

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