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  1. Interview with Madeline Roycroft on the Éditions de l’Oiseau-Lyre Archive

    Woman holding a '78 inch vinyl record, in front of shelf full of vinyl records in paper sleeves

    Madeline Roycroft is working as a Research Assistant in the Louise Hanson-Dyer collection, which sits within our Rare Music collection. Madeline is also currently a Grainger …

  2. Intern Profile, Adelaide Greig, Archives and Special Collections Blog Intern

    Chaucer's Squires Tales. to the Tree She Goth Ful Hastily

        Adelaide Greig recently completed an Internship with Archives and Special Collections, and is completing her Masters in Arts. She spoke to us about how …

  3. Intern Profile, Carmen Mok, Archives and Special Collections Digital Presence Project

    Hand coloured photograph of Ormond College, 1911

      Today we’re profiling one of our invaluable Archives and Special Collections Interns, Carmen Mok, who is completing her final year of the Master of Marketing …