Greg and I will be teaching a week-long course at NASSLLI 2016 at Rutgers University, July 9-16. The course is titled “Proof Theory: Logical and Philosophical Aspects”. We’ll be covering cut elimination, some substructural logics, and hypersequents, with a bit of inferentialism and bilateralism mixed in. It should be fun. I’ll put more details up closer to the dates.

2 Responses to “NASSLLI 2016”

  1. Greg says:

    I’ve created a page for the course on my list of classes. The page is here, and I’ve uploaded the initial course description for people that would like that information.

  2. Catherine Legg says:

    That’s cool Greg! I did NASSLLI in 2012: a course called “Metaphysics for Computer Scientists”. I found it really rewarding.

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