2016 Retrospective

There was a lot of logic activity in Melbourne this past year. Since we just had our final event of the year, I thought it’d be nice to sum things up.

We had 39 talks at the Logic Seminar and related Workshops, which does not include the 20 talks at the AAL, which happened in town. We had 3 reading group sessions. There were 9 Logic Seminars in Semester 1 and 16 in Semester 2. We had 4 Workshops over the course of the year.

Logic Seminar attendees had several papers accepted or published this year. There were 12 by my count. A few of these were presented at the Logic Seminar, and a few more that were presented are in the pipeline. And, Lloyd Humberstone’s modal logic book came out.

The coming year should be quite active as well. There are already 3 Logic Seminars scheduled for Semester 1, with a couple more tentatively planned. Plans are also firming up for a Workshop on substructural logics towards the start of the Semester. I expect that a lot of ideas will be colliding around here in 2017.

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