AAL 2021

The Australasian Association for Logic will hold its annual conference online via Zoom from Wednesday, June 23 to Friday, June 25, 2021. It will be hosted by the University of Queensland and the University of Melbourne.

There will be three keynote speakers: Xavier Caicedo (Los Andes), Catarina Dutilh Novaes (VU Amsterdam) and Katalin Bimbó (Edmonton).

We invite submission of abstracts in any area of logic, broadly construed. To submit, send an anonymized short abstract (at most 2 pages) and title to australasianassoclogic2021@gmail.com with the subject “AAL 2021”. The soft deadline for submissions is Saturday, May 15. Submissions will be accepted for consideration until the hard deadline of Saturday, May 22. Decisions will be sent out in early June. We would like to encourage submissions from members of groups that are underrepresented in logic.

Session times will be 40 minutes. The scheduling is done according to Melbourne/Brisbane local time (AEST, UTC+10). Find your local time.

The conference website is https://blogs.unimelb.edu.au/logic/aal-2021/.

To register, please email australasianassoclogic2021@gmail.com. The Zoom URLs for the talks, as well as the abstracts, will be sent to registered participants.

Please email australasianassoclogic2021@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Local organizers: Guillermo Badia (Queensland) and Shawn Standefer (SAV).



Katalin Bimbó, “Computation in Logic”, Abstract

Xavier Caicedo, “A full classification of Gödel modal logics S5(A)”, Abstract

Catarina Dutilh Novaes, “The Dialogical Roots of Deduction”

Abstract: In this talk, I offer a précis of my recently published book The Dialogical Roots of Deduction (CUP, 2020). The book offers an account of the concept and practices of deduction by bringing together perspectives from philosophy, history, psychology and cognitive science, and mathematical practice. I draw on all of these perspectives to argue for an overarching conceptualization of deduction as a dialogical practice: deduction has dialogical roots, and these dialogical roots are still largely present both in theories and in practices of deduction. The account also highlights the deeply human and in fact social nature of deduction, as embedded in actual human practices.

Wednesday, June 23
9:00-10:00 Xavier Caicedo A full classification of Gödel modal logics S5(A)
10:10-10:50 Teresa Kouri Kissel Carnap is not a pluralist
11:00-11:40 Yale Weiss We will use their own tools against them: The relevance logic of Boolean groups
11:50-12:30 Peter Fritz The Algebra of Logical Atomism
12:40-1:20 JJ Joaquin A Modal Semantics in Arthur N. Prior’s `Symbolism and Analogy’
1:20-2:10 Lunch
2:10-2:50 Koji Tanaka What’s So Impossible About Impossible Worlds?
3:00-3:40 Giorgio Venturi On non-classical models of ZFC
3:50-4:30 Sourav Tarafder Constructing illoyal algebra-valued models of set theory
4:40-5:20 Hitoshi Omori Humberstone meets Ivlev and Kearns
5:30-6:10 Sara Ayhan What are good reduction procedures?
6:20-7:00 Maria Beatrice Buonaguidi Naive Comprehension in HYPE
Thursday, June 24
9:00-9:40 Gillian Russell Hume’s Law and Ought implies Can
9:50-10:30 Santiago Jockwich Algebra-Valued Models Of LP-Set Theory
10:40-11:20 Shay Logan Depth Substitutions, Hyperformalism, and Contraction
11:30-12:10 S. Kaan Tabakci Subminimal Negation on the Australian Plan
12:20-1:00 Simon Goldstein Fragile Knowledge
1:00-1:50 Lunch
1:50-2:30 Zach Weber Inconsistent arithmetic and mathematical pluralism
2:40-3:20 Charles Pigden Prior’s Dilemma Redux?
3:30-4:10 Andrew Tedder Relevant Propositional Dynamic Logic
4:20-5:00 Igor Sedlar Relevant Logics of Epistemic Update
5:10-5:50 Mario Guenther Probabilities of Conditionals
6:00-7:00 Catarina Dutilh Novaes The Dialogical Roots of Deduction
Friday, June 25
9:00-10:00 Katalin Bimbó Computation in Logic
10:10-10:50 Kai Tanter Relational Hypersequent S4 and B are Incomplete
11:00-11:40 Nicholas Ferenz Relevant Predication and Contextual Relevance
11:50-12:30 Ed Mares The Early Work of J.M. Dunn
12:40-1:20 Rod Girle Going Stoic With Questions: Connectives and Questions
1:20-2:10 AGM Brown Bag
2:10-2:50 Greg Restall Natural Deduction with Alternatives
3:00-3:40 Daniel Gaina Omitting Types Theorem in hybrid-dynamic first-order logic with rigid symbols
3:50-4:30 Federico Pailos Why metainferences matter
4:40-5:20 Will Stafford A Dilemma for Proof-Theoretic Semantics
5:30-6:10 Iris van der Giessen Lax Logic and its Admissible Rules
6:20-7:00 Thomas Randriamahazak Truthmaker Semantics for Containment and Nonsense