Logic Seminar

During the school year, there is a regular Logic Seminar at the University of Melbourne organized by Greg Restall and Shawn Standefer. The Seminars are usually held from 11am to 1 pm on Fridays. The location varies, so check the PhilEvents page for the specific talk. Upcoming and past talks are listed here. More information about a talk can be found on its linked PhilEvents page.

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 2019 Semester 2 Seminars

 2019 Semester 1 Seminars

 2018 Events

 2018 Semester 2 Seminars

2018 Semester 1 Seminars

2017 Semester 2 Seminars

2017 Semester 1 Seminars

2016 Events

  • Fine Workshop (December 19). Kit Fine (NYU), Rohan French, Dan Marshall (Lingnan), Sam Cumming (UCLA)
  • Logic Day (December 9): Greg Restall (Melbourne), Lloyd Humberstone (Monash), Tomasz Kowalski (La Trobe), Hiroakira Ono (JAIST)
  • Aboutness Workshop (July 16). Stephen Yablo (MIT), Frank Jackson (ANU), Laura Schroeter (Melbourne), Greg Restall (Melbourne), Rohan French, Antony Eagle (Adelaide), and Dan Marshall (Lingnan)
  • Australasian Association for Logic 2016 Conference (June 30-July 2). The keynote was given by Sara L. Uckelman (Durham).
  • Deontic Logic Workshop (June 28). Hannah Clark-Younger (Otago), Melissa Fusco (Columbia), and Kai Tanter (Melbourne)

2016 Semester 2 Seminars

2016 Semester 1 Seminars

2015 Events

  • Melbourne Logic Workshop (December 11): Jake Chandler, Lloyd Humberstone, Greg Restall, Shawn Standefer
  • Melbourne Logic Workshop (December 10): Daniel Murfet, Ross Brady, Tomasz Kowalski, Szabolc Mikulas

2015 Semester 2 Seminars

2015 Semester 1 Seminars

2014 Events

  • Melbourne Logic Day 2 (September 19) Tomasz Kowalski, Ross Brady, Karen Green, Rohan French and Lloyd Humberstone.
  • Melbourne Logic Day 1  (May 30) Rohan French, Lloyd Humberstone, Greg Restall, Tomasz Kowalski

2014 Semester 2 Seminars

2014 Semester 1 Seminars

  • June 6: Being Necessary Really Isn’t the Same As Being Not Possibly Not, Dana Goswick (Melbourne)
  • May 23: Łukaseiwicz’s introduction to symbolic logic: What was he doing?, David Sweeney (Melbourne)
  • May 9: Tense Logic and Relevant Logic, Tomasz Kowalski (La Trobe)
  • March 27: Arthur Prior: Time and Modality, Dana Goswick (Melbourne)
  • Arthur Prior Time and Modality Reading Group

2013 Events

2013 Semester 2 Seminars

2013 Semester 1 Seminars

2012 Semester 2 Seminars

  • November 30: Logic — The Big Picture, Ross Brady (La Trobe)
  • November 23: Platonic Semantics, Justin Clarke-Doane  (Monash)
  • November 16: Structural Dilemmas, Bogdan Dicher (Melbourne)
  • November 9: Staying Regular?, Alan Hájek (ANU)
  • November 2: Naturalness and Necessity, Alastair Wilson (Monash)
  • October 26: The analysis of value concepts, Toby Handfield (Monash), and
  • October 26: Well structured program equivalence is highly undecidable, Marcel Jackson (La Trobe)
  • October 12: The Anti-Modalist Postion, Dana Goswick (Melbourne)
  • September 21: One day Logic Workshop
  • September 14: The dual method: A logical approach to optimisation, John Slaney (ANU)
  • September 7: Some substructural arithmetic, Dave Ripley (Melbourne)
  • August 31: Exotic Sequent Calculi for Truth Degrees, Greg Restall (Melbourne)
  • August 24: Fusion and Confusion, Graham Priest (Melbourne)
  • August 17: Polyvalent Logics, Graham Priest (Melbourne)
  • August 10: Modal logics good for Ontological Arguments, Tomasz Kowalski (La Trobe)
  • July 27: Bradwardine Hypersequents, Greg Restall (Melbourne)