There are several logicians at the University of Melbourne and in the Melbourne area, and friends and colleagues regularly visit us.

  • Greg Restall (Philosophy, Melbourne)
  • Shawn Standefer (Philosophy, Melbourne)
  • Daniel Murfet (Mathematics and Statistics, Melbourne)
  • Jen Davoren (Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Melbourne)
  • Tomasz Kowalski (Mathematics, La Trobe)
  • Lloyd Humberstone (Philosophy, Monash)
  • Karen Green (Philosophy, Melbourne)
  • Ross Brady (Philosophy, La Trobe)
  • Jake Chandler (Philosophy, La Trobe)
  • Cathy Legg (Philosophy, Deakin)
  • Su Rogerson (Philosophy, Monash)
  • Sam Butchart (Philosophy, Monash)
  • Dave Ripley (Philosophy, Monash)
  • Sam Baron (Philosophy, ACU)
  • Simon Goldstein (Philosophy, ACU)
  • Peter Fritz (Philosophy, ACU)


  • John Cleary (Melbourne)
  • Toby Dinh (Melbourne)
  • Timo Eckhardt (Melbourne)
  • Kai Tanter (Monash)

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