the Copendium Of GENetic daTabases (COGENT)


Our aim is to create a genomic database knowledge hub for the benefit of the Parkville research community, to improve access to both public and private databases via the sharing of knowledge, experience and resources. The initiative will be led by Bobbie Shaban at Melbourne Integrative Genomics, and supported by other members of our group.  They will:

  • Provide information on available datasets including technical requirements, restrictions of use, data access and relevant software
  • Provide assistance with applications for access.
  • Help assess computational requirements and advise on availability of local resources such as Spartan.
  • Advise on standard software pipelines.
  • Facilitate local data sharing where feasible.
  • Regularly update a blog with tutorials and latest information about data releases

We can’t cover everything, and so we seek feedback from community members about priorities.  We also welcome offers to share existing expertise and experience for the benefit of others.  Below is an initial list of databases for review:

More information can be found on the Melbourne Integrative Genomics Wiki page:

If you wish to access the wiki you may need a gmail account. Contact Andrew Siebel if you already have a gmail account for more information 

For more information contact Bobbie Shaban at Melbourne Integrative Genomics: or (03) 8344 8731.