Functional Electrical Stimulation and iPad-based music therapy

Functional electrical stimulation with iPad-based music therapy for upper limb recovery after stroke

This project was a collaborative approach to upper limb stroke rehabilitation through therapeutic musical improvisation pairing an iPad-based virtual instrument with electrical stimulation. Stroke survivors were recruited during inpatient rehabilitation and randomly assigned to the FES+iPad-based music therapy group or the standard care control group for 8 weeks. Using a mixed method design the study collected both quantitative data (validated upper limb assessments and psychometric tools) as well as qualitative data from semi-structured research interviews.


Silveira, T., Dorsch, S., Thompson, G. & Tamplin, J.  (2020). Functional electrical stimulation+iPad-based music therapy for upper limb recovery after stroke: Study protocol for a mixed methods randomized controlled trial. Nordic Journal of Music Therapy.

Silveira, T.M., Tamplin, J., Dorsch, S. & Barlow, A. (2018). Let’s Improvise! iPad-based music therapy with functional electrical stimulation for upper limb stroke rehabilitation. Australian Journal of Music Therapy, 29, 1-16. Retrieved from

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