New short film on information needs of refugees


BBC Media Action has recently released an innovative new short film highlighting the importance of information to refugees. The film is based on new research conducted by BBC Media Action to help raise humanitarian agencies’ awareness of the communication issues of refugees in transit in Europe. The ‘Voices of Refugees’ report examines the priority information and communication needs of refugees in three areas: on their journey, in ‘transit’ camps in Greece and some who have reached Germany. The research is based on interviews with refugees and humanitarian workers. Findings highlight refugees’ overarching need for timely and accurate information about what will happen next, as well as information on how to keep themselves safe in their current situation. Refugees also expressed a need to be listened to and participate in dialogue in their own language, as well as psychosocial support.
Designed to watch vertically on a mobile phone, the film helps the viewer to experience with immediacy the confusion and fear facing refugees making a perilous journey by boat. You can watch the film here (please watch on a mobile phone with headphones in).



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