Code of Care: Getting the most out of Music Theatre Futures

Here you will find our ‘Code of Care’: an invitation to help you and your colleagues get the very best out of the MTF experience. Everyone who is speaking, presenting, hosting and attending Music Theatre Futures is encouraged to read and return to throughout the week. You may also want to return to this beyond the inaugural event to check in.

One hand in the known, one hand in the unknown

Knowledge comes to us in many different forms, contexts and experiences. Knowledge can be daunting as well as transformative. Participating in MTF may require us to lightly hold onto what we know in one hand, whilst simultaneously keeping the other hand open to receive and learn new ideas, perspectives and concepts.

We all belong to institutions and cultures that are changing in ways that require agile and new literacies: ways of talking and ways of listening. The organisers of MTF very much hope that we can all enter the debates and discussions with care and sensitivity, to yourself and towards others.

Share your feedback

At the end of each session you will be invited to share in the chat or via private chat to the organiser (for non-public feedback) what you found to be the main take-away from the session. This info will help organisers in understanding how the session was received for future planning.

At the end of the week every attendee and speaker/presenter will be sent a feedback survey so we can get a sense of your overall experience of the inaugural MTF; what worked, what could be improved for next time and where the conversation should go next. Sharing feedback is a fundamental process to help create inclusive spaces and build a strong community.

Keep learning

Moving towards more inclusive practices is a continual process that requires a commitment to ongoing learning. If you want to further explore the issues discussed in MTF, or you are after practical resources, head to the Resources Page where further reading and resources will be shared.

If you would like to offer a contribution to this page, please email with your suggestion.

Spread the word

We encourage you to post on social media to tell your friends and colleagues about MTF so we can help spread the word about the great innovations occurring in our industry.  Remember to use #musictheatrefutures and tag us @musictheatrefutures

For support

If you need support, remember the Arts Wellbeing Collective website offers resources specific to arts professionals, as well as a free 24/7 confidential support hotline, the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline 1800 959 500.