Bethia Burgress

Bethia Burgress is interested in trans-sectoral collaborations for social change that challenge Eurocentric and colonial structures. Her work aims to build long-term engagements and solidarities across geographic borders, combining with indigenous, subaltern, and decolonial theories to challenge dominant and unilinear narratives. Her PhD explores contested conceptions of sovereignty, justice and belonging in Eastern Myanmar. She also undertakes value-aligned consulting and freelance projects, including those that enable public engagement and prioritise the expertise of those with lived experience. She was born on Gunai Country, raised on the lands of the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation, and currently live and work on Kulin Nations lands. These are the sovereign lands of First Nations people, the occupation of which continues at the expense of Indigenous futures. Her ongoing work aims to meaningfully contribute to dismantling colonial structures and supporting Indigenous and community-led systems of governance and justice in their varied manifestations.


University of Melbourne | PhD Candidate

Research for Social Change – Coloniality of Justice – Identity and Subalternity – Community-led development in Southeast Asia