Prof. Joseph Lo Bianco

Professor Emeritus Joseph (Joe) Lo Bianco was appointed chair of language and literacy education at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne in February 2004 and retired on 30 June 2020, when he was appointed Professor Emeritus. He is a specialist in minority language rights, literacy and social opportunity, language policy and planning with a specific interest in conflict mitigation in multi-ethnic societies and a specific focus on educational equity for immigrant and Indigenous populations, multilingual and anti-racist education and language revitalisation. His academic analysis and theorisation of language problems in education and society is complemented by extensive real-world policy writing, advising and engagement in 25 international locations. In recent years this has included a 8 year project in Southeast Asia for UNICEF under the title of Language, Education and Social Cohesion, focusing on conflict resolution in multiethnic settings in Malaysia, Myanmar and South Thailand and as consultant to a four year project on Multilingual Cities in 12 European municipalities responding to recent inflows of immigrants. In 1987, he authored Australia’s first national language policy, between 1990 and 2002 was Director of Language Australia/The National Languages and Literacy Institute of Australia.


MGSE University of Melbourne | Language and Literacy Education

Peace & Conflict Studies – Multilingualism & Education – Education & Literacy – Indigeneity & Ethnic Relations – Cultural Diversity – Language Rights