Members of the Mycology Lab are involved in teaching biological sciences across all year levels at the University of Melbourne, from 1st year introductory biology to graduate level classes.  There is no specific class dedicated to fungal biology at the University, but the fungi feature in many lectures.  Being based in the former School of Botany, much of the group’s teaching relates to the courses developed during that era.  Continued strengths in this field can be found in the Plant Sciences link.

The Plant Sciences Major was revised in 2020-2021, with details available from the University handbook.

Alex Idnurm was the course coordinator for BOTA30005 ‘Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology’, and also teaches in BOTA20001 ‘Green Planet’ and BOTA20002 ‘Plant Biodiversity’, amongst other courses, including being one of the two coordinators for the first year biology subjects (BIOL10008/10009).  BOTA30005 is one of the two core subjects for the Plant Sciences Major.  Due to the content, it is also a valuable and popular course for those taking the Biotechnology Major.