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  1. Works in Progress #4

    In April 2023 we held our fourth Work in Progress seminar; a seminar featuring ongoing work by members of the Narrative Network. For this event we …

  2. Audio Stories Workshop with Miyuki Jokiranta

    On February 7, 2023, 15 Narrative Network members joined a full day workshop run by Miyuki Jokiranta from ABC Radio National on audio stories. In a …

  3. The Indigenous Narrative Paradox in Colonial Archives


  4. Works in Progress #3


  5. Telling Other People’s Stories: Critique of Empathy


  6. The Promise & Perils of Narrative


  7. Narrative Research/Research Narratives


  8. Works in Progress #2


  9. Launch & Maria Tamboukou


  10. Works in Progress #1


  11. How Do We Work with Narrative Analysis?