A new book from the Narrative Network!

Featuring 8 exciting chapters by NN members, and Introduction and Conclusion, and an inspiring foreword from Rachel Thomson, the book is now available for pre-order from Bristol University Press here.






Table of Contents

Foreword – Rachel Thomson

Narrative Now: Trends and Tensions – Ashley Barnwell and Signe Ravn

Part 1: Institutional Authority and Counter-stories

1. Telling Stories with Ribbons: Visual Acknowledgment in the Wake of Child Sexual Abuse – Dave McDonald

2. Policy Narratives and Policy Change: The Case of Pill Testing – Martin Bortz

3. The Criminalised Other as Storyteller – The Promise and Peril of Bringing ‘Lived Experience’ into the Classroom – Diana Johns

Part 2: Tellable and Untellable Stories

4. Ethical Weaving: Creative Narrations of Family Trauma and Resilience – Wajeehah Aayeshah

5. ‘I can’t believe how much I’ve done’: Joan and The Evolution of Her Life Story – Nikki Henningham

Part 3: Ethics of Representation

6. Songs as Narratives: Ethical Tensions in Midnight Oil’s Dead Heart (1986) and Gadigal Land (2020) – Liz Dean

7. Reading Back as a Way to Give Back? A Narrative Practice-informed Method for Interview-based Research – Sarah Strauven

8. Narrating Women’s Life Histories: Voice, Audience, Ethics – Rachael Diprose

Narrative Next: Ways Forward for Narrative Research – Ashley Barnwell and Signe Ravn