Next Generation Engagement Project – Top Five Research Priorities for Australia’s Infrastructure Sector

The findings are in. After nine months, seven national workshops, six industry presentations, 123 survey results, three feedback workshops, a six-week national online consultation and with input from almost 80 organisations and over 200 professionals working with Australia’s infrastructure sector, we are pleased to present the Top Five Research Priorities for Australia’s Infrastructure Sector.


The Research Priorities Summary Report  represents research co-designed with leading infrastructure practitioners and policymakers across Australia. It strongly demonstrates the appetite and need for a shared, industry-wide evidence base to address the major challenges and opportunities identified in the pilot study.

Download the Research Priorities Summary Report here or spend some time considering all of the pilot phase findings in our full Research Report.

We hope you can join us from 2018 as we pursue a three to five year year international research program with industry to advance the aims outlined in the report.