About the Next Generation Engagement Project

Community opposition has contributed to the delay, cancellation or mothballing of more than $20 billion in infrastructure projects across Australia over the past decade alone. 

Good engagement is critical to managing community risk and supporting major project delivery. Yet the industry needs a solid evidence base to guide decision making around community engagement, social risk management and a social license to operate.

The Next Generation Engagement Project aims to identify and address the key challenges, knowledge and skills gaps in engagement, social risk management and social license for Australia’s infrastructure sector. In doing so, the project aims to:

  • build understanding of best practice to improve community and environmental outcomes from major infrastructure delivery
  • deliver tools and an evidence base to improve decision making and project outcomes
  • support the professionalisation of engagement as a discipline.

Over the coming months the University of Melbourne will work with leading public and private sector groups representing infrastructure, engineering, project management and engagement to deliver the largest consultation to date on the practice of engagement in infrastructure in Australia.

The project aims to get the best research and advice onto the desk of key decision makers in Australia’s infrastructure sector to really inform the discussion. The intention is that this work will seed longer-term research partnerships that will help industry to make meaningful progress on these issues.

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