Share your infrastructure delivery experiences

Are you a professional involved in the delivery of infrastructure in Australia?

Many community engagement and infrastructure sector professionals recently shared their experience and expertise through our online survey.

Although the survey is now closed and the National Practitioner Workshop series has finished, the project is only just beginning. 

To read more about the project, or to become even more involved, click here.  


The project has University of Melbourne ethics approval. 

Are you a community member or civil society representative and want to share your views on infrastructure delivery in Australia?

This industry-focused phase is only the first of several stages of a long-term project. Right now, we are working to capture the views and experiences of individuals involved in infrastructure delivery. Future stages will look at these challenges from a community perspective, inviting even wider participation.

If you would like to be kept updated on the project’s results or be a part of future stages, please contact the project team. Thank you for your interest!