Situation Analysis: May 2017

The Next Generation Engagement project uses ‘co-design’, a method of research design in which researchers work closely with key stakeholders from the earliest stages of the study. You are participating in co-design right now, by reading our Situation Analysis and offering feedback.

The Situation Analysis is an opening gambit, a work-in-progress, by no means the final word. Its intention is to spark debate. We want you to question it, to pose alternatives and point out topics that you see as a priority.

This document is intended to raise questions, spark debate, prompt ideas and create conversations. We encourage you  to read it with critical curiosity, as you apply your own experiences and expertise to the issues raised.

So start reading and start commenting. You can provide feedback in a number of convenient ways:

  • Respond to challenges, share your ideas, vote, share and test assumptions through our online Dialogue
  • Leave a comment on this webpage
  • Send an email to:
  • Or get in touch with our researchers and have a chat.

Read the Situation Analysis here.