Media & Outreach

Media and Outreach

2024:    Public Lecture — AIP, Tasmania: The Hidden Universe: Neutrinos and Dark Matter
2024:    Pursuit article: Dark Matter might be ‘Light’
2024:    Phys.Org article: Neutron stars are key to understanding dark matter
2024:    RRR radio Einstein A Go-Go interview on neutrinos and dark matter
2023:    Keynote speaker: STEM Enrichment Academy to support female students in STEM
2023:    Opening keynote speaker: inSTEM conference for underrepresented groups in STEM
2023:    Cosmos article: Searching for the neutrino floor: Why matter matters
2023:    Physics World podcast: Pondering the mysteries of dark matter
2023:    Physics World article: Ask me anything: Collaboration is the norm
2023:    Cosmos article: 50 women at the cutting edge of science in Australia
2023:    Public Lecture — ANZAAS Science talk: Detecting the Dark Universe
2023:    Radio interview: ABC Radio Victorian Evenings
2023:    SBSNews article: Australian scientist pushing for more girls to work in physics
2023:    Canberra Times article: Dark matter expert shines light on female STEM shortage
2023:    Outreach talk: Quantum Physics in the Pub
2022:    Public Lecture — July Lecture in Physics: Quantum foundations of the Universe
2022:    RRR radio Einstein A Go-Go interview
2022:    World Science Festival, panel discussion: The Elusive Darkness of the Universe
2021:    Pursuit article: Using Neutron Stars to Detect Dark Matter
2021:    The Conversation article: Preprints are how cutting-edge science circulates
2020:    APS Physics Magazine: Theorists React to Potential Signal in Dark Matter Detector
2020:    Millis Medal video: What is dark matter?
2018:    Public Lecture — July Lecture in Physics: The Rise of Cosmology and Particle Physics
2017:    World Science Festival Brisbane, panel discussion: “Collision”