Open Access policies from Australian funding agencies

Major funding agencies in the USA, the UK and Europe have, for several years, made the free online public access to published research funded by them a condition of their grants and contracts. NHMRC and ARC have now released policies that similarly require publications arising from research that they have funded be made publicly available via the Chief Investigators’ Institutional Repository.

Researchers need to be aware of their compliance requirements and use the Minerva tools, Elements and Access, to help them achieve it.

What to do researchers with outputs supported by these agencies need to do?

1.    The key is that you make the appropriate version of outputs – whether journal article or other – publicly available and that this is recorded in Minerva Access. For conventional subscription journals this will usually mean the author’s accepted manuscript version of the paper.

Publication submission process map

2.    So the key need is for authors to identify and keep these versions on file and available for deposit.

3.    More specific information for NHMRC and ARC grantees and for different publication types is available at “Information for Researchers” .