Plaintiff S138/2012 v Director General of Security

On the recommendation of the Independent Reviewer of Adverse Security Assessments, the Hon Margaret Stone, Plaintiff S 138/2012 was released from detention. The High Court has vacated the hearing, and the parties have agreed to a consent order, with the defendant Director agreeing to pay the costs of the application.

High Court Judgment Orders made by consent
Result Plaintiff’s application for an order to show cause dismissed, defendant to pay costs as agreed or assessed
High Court Documents Plaintiff S138/2012 v DGS
Related Case Plaintiff M47/2012 v DGS
Full Court Hearing [2013] HCATrans 148 13 June 2013
Application Hearings [2012] HCATrans 34 19 February 2013
  [2012] HCATrans 301 19 November 2012
  [2012] HCATrans 128 30 May 2012
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