CGU Insurance Ltd v Blakeley

The High Court has dismissed an appeal from a decision of the Victorian Court of Appeal on jurisdiction to make declarations sought by parties outside of a contract. The first respondents were appointed liquidators of the second respondent (Akron Roads) and later commenced proceedings against the remaining respondents for insolvent trading as directors of Akron Roads. One of those respondents, Crewe Sharp Pty Ltd, claimed indemnity to those claims under an insurance policy it had with the appellant. After the appellant denied liability, Continue reading

Plaintiff S297/2013 v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection; Plaintiff M150/2013 v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

The High Court has issued a writ of peremptory mandamus commanding the Minister to grant the plaintiff a permanent protection visa. In June 2014, the High Court upheld a challenge to the validity of the Migration Amendment (Unauthorised Maritime Arrival) Regulation 2013 (Cth), known as the PPV Regulation, in two related matters. The Court held the Minister’s determinations in relation to Plaintiffs S297/2013 and M150/2013 were invalid and issued a writ of mandamus in each instance directing the Minister to consider and determine each visa application according to law. Continue reading