Astrolight 2016

Image: Scienceworks

Members of the Optics Group and other members of the University’s OSA and SPIE Student Chapters attracted enormous attention with their display at Astrolight 2016 at Scienceworks on 10 September. PhD student Rory Speirs and new MSc student Gijs van Pamelen set up the hugely popular laser maze. Lili Sun from the Astrophysics group presented exciting graphics describing gravitational waves and Rory also set up a Michelson interferometer to show how they are detected. Other participants were Daniel Kelly, Tom Fabig and Mohammed Jameel from the School of Chemistry, Chris Billington and Ana Fabela Hinojosa from Monash University and Sara Amos from Williamstown High School. Thanks also to Ben Sparkes for assisting with preparing the demonstrations. More information and photos on the Scienceworks Facebook Page.