Nanophotonics, plasmonics and metamaterials

Image: Eugene PanchenkoThe capacity to fabricate structures on the nanoscale using top-down and bottom-up fabrication strategies has opened up unprecedented opportunities to control light. From being able to enhance and modify emission from fluorescent molecules and quantum dots through the the production of coloured surfaces using only metals, new applications in optical information processing, display technology and next generation sensors emerge.

Research in this theme is focussed on the development of novel nanoscale wavefront sensing elements for phase imaging, producing plasmonic waveguides and integrated detectors and demonstrating metasurfaces to replace bulky optical components with ultra-compact elements.

The group is part of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Transformative Meta-Optical Systems (TMOS)

Research team

  • Professor Ann Roberts (theme contact)
  • Professor Tim Davis
  • Dr Jingchao Song (Research Fellow)
  • Faris Shahidan (PhD student)
  • Lukas Wesemann (PhD student)
  • Niken Priscilla (MSc student)
  • Jon Rickett (MSc student)


Research projects

Descriptions of potential projects available in this area for research students commencing in 2017-2018 can be found here.