Alex Gill

Alex is a Technical Officer working within on PEARG’s new Australian Grain Pest Innovation Project (AGPIP). He graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science focusing on plant science and integrated pest management. During his time with the University of Queensland he worked as a weed seed collector and processor for his post-graduate research. He then later completed his honours in seed enhancement technology for land revegetation and weed suppression. After his honours research, he went on to work as an agronomist in the field of parent and basic grain seed production. As such, his background is based strongly on field and laboratory weed, native and agricultural seed production and handling.

Alex has a strong interest in integrated pest management focusing on beneficial insects developed during his time as an agronomist.

Joining the team, he will be focusing on laboratory trials assessing life-history traits, virus inoculations and maintaining laboratory cultures breeding and maintaining colonies