The Australian Drosophila Ecology and Evolution Resource (ADEER) from the Hoffmann lab and other contributors is a nationally significant life science collection containing a rich and irreplaceable variety of data. Drosophila species in Australia are widely studied both nationally and internationally to understand climate adaptation, geographic range limits and the genetic basis for climate stress tolerance. The collection comprises species distribution information from 10+ years of field surveys, experimental data on climate stress response, and valuable, recently-produced whole-genome and population-level variation data. In addition to Ary Hoffmann’s group (University of Melbourne), Professor Linda Partridge (University College London), John Oakeshott (CSIRO), Dr. Carla Sgrò (Monash University), Dr. Shane McEvey (Australian Museum) and Professor James Stuart Flinton Barker (University of New England) have contributed to this collection.
Please cite the ADEER datasets as:
Australian Drosophila Ecology and Evolution Resource (2015). “Dataset name”. doi:10.4225/49/555C0B8D30C3E As explained in more detail on http://adeer.pearg.com/about