James Maino

James Maino, Honorary Research Fellow
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James researches better approaches to forecast and manage risk surrounding outbreaks of agricultural invertebrate pests. Part of this work aims to address the increasing problem of pesticide resistance in Australia, whereby a combination of resistance surveillance, novel genetic techniques, and predictive modelling are used to develop management strategies. He is interested in using the latest digital resources (e.g. satellite based climatic and land-usage data) and analysis methods that incorporate mechanistic processes to better predict pest dynamics so that impacts can be anticipated and minimised.
In 2016 James was jointly awarded a PhD at the University of Melbourne and Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam) under the supervision of Michael Kearney and Bas Kooijman.

Current Projects:
James is currently involved with research projects on some important species of aphids and mites, aiming to develop better management practices that utilise a variety of control strategies, in the face of increasing chemical resistance problems.James also is applying modern data sets and analysis techniques to better assess risks of biosecurity threats to agriculture, which not only includes novel species, but novel biotypes (i.e. new genes that occur overseas but not in domestic varieties).


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• Chancellor’s Prize for Excellence in the PhD Thesis, University of Melbourne 2016
• Student Paper of the Year Award (Runner-up), The American Naturalist 2015
• Elton Prize for best paper in the Journal of Animal Ecology by a young researcher 2014