Marielle Babineau

Marielle Babineau | Visiting Academic

Marielle’s passion is evolutionary biology and understanding how organisms adapt and evolve. Marielle first researched macroevolutionary processes looking into the molecular phylogeny and biogeography of endangered trees in Madagascar. She then turned her attention to microevolutionary processes. More specifically the adaptations in agroecosystems pests to chemical control. Research into pesticide resistance has led Marielle to do research in herbicide resistance, anthelmintic resistance and, now as a visiting member of PEARG working around insecticide resistance. The aim of every project to identify, predict, and better manage the evolution of pesticide resistance in subpopulations of pests, from Europe to Australia. Various aspects of pesticide resistance have been part of her research; from phylogenetics, population genetics, omics, spatial mapping, fitness costs, phenotypic assessment, and IPM implications for grain and livestock industries.

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