Mengjia Lau

Mengjia Lau | PhD Candidate

Meng-Jia  started her PhD in 2018 supervised by Ary, Nancy and Perran. Before she found out her interests, she had studied in different labs dabbled in entomology, microbiology, biophysics and bioinformatics. Now she is totally attracted by the vector control strategies using an endosymbiotic bacteria Wolbachia. She will focus on two promising Wolbachia wMel and wAlbB that have been introduced into Aedes aegypti and try to understand the efficiency of using these candidate Wolbachia in the field release by studying the factors that can affect their success. She will also study the co-evolution of Wolbachia and its host after the establishment using bioinformatic tools, which can help people better understand the interactions between Wolbachia and its host.