Nick Bell

Nick Bell, Research Business Manager

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Nick’s responsibilities cover a broad range of project management, grant administration and research coordination duties. Occasionally known to sneak into the lab or field to conduct some miscellaneous research when time permits.


Qiong Yang, Paul A Umina, Gordana Rašić, Nicholas Bell, Jichao Fang, Alan Lord, Ary A Hoffmann. Origin of resistance to pyrethroids in the redlegged earth mite (Halotydeus destructor) in Australia: repeated local evolution and migration. (2019) Pest management science


Ary A Hoffmann, Paul D Rymer, Margaret Byrne, Katinka X Ruthrof, Jennie Whinam, Melodie McGeoch, Dana M Bergstrom, Greg R Guerin, Ben Sparrow, Leo Joseph, Sarah J Hill, Nigel R Andrew, James Camac, Nicholas Bell, Markus Riegler, Janet L Gardner, Stephen E Williams. Impacts of recent climate change on terrestrial flora and fauna: Some emerging Australian examples. (2018) Austral ecology 44 (1), 3-27


N Bell, PC Griffin, AA Hoffmann, AD Miller. Spatial patterns of genetic diversity among Australian alpine flora communities revealed by comparative phylogenomics (2018) Journal of biogeography 45 (1), 177-189