Qiong Yang

Qiong Yang, Research Fellow

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Yang is currently working at PEARG as a population geneticist with a focus on insecticide resistance management in red legged earth mites. In the past, her research has largely focused on using techniques of molecular biology and biochemistry to understand role of ceramide-metabolism enzymes in insect development and longevity. During her PhD in Zhejiang University, China, she reported the cloning, biochemical characterization, and functional analysis of Drosophila alkaline ceramidase (Dacer), suggesting that Dacer plays an important role in the Drosophila development and longevity by controlling the metabolism of ceramides. She then worked as a research fellow in Jiangsu academy of agricultural sciences, China, characterizing ceramidase and sphingomyelinase in Chilo suppressalis. She was also involved in transcriptome analysis of Scirpophaga incertulas with focus on bet-hedging genes. From 2014, Yang shifted focus into population genetics where she explored fine-scale processes of gene flow and dispersal in resistant red legged earth mites. This knowledge can be applied to better understand the routes resistant individuals have dispersed along, that may be important in reducing the risk of resistance spreading further.
Current Projects:
Insecticide resistance management (population genetics) in red legged earth mites
NHMRC Dengue Program

Refereed Journals (first author)
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Refereed Journals – co-author
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