Samia Elfekih

Samia Elfekih, Honorary Research Fellow



Dr Samia Elfekih’s main research interests are focused on using population genomics and bioinformatics to address questions related to food security and global human health. She is particularly interested in the genomics of invasive pests and the possible effects of climate change on their distribution and invasion pathways. She is also interested in using eco-friendly strategies such as Wolbachia replacement strategies for mosquito control, to manage dengue fever in regions where this disease and other vector-borne diseases are underreported. Dr Elfekih has been leading several international collaborations with institutions in the UK, US and Australia. She is an entrepreneur of science; developing, leading and scaling international projects in the field. She has outstanding skills in innovation, design thinking, diplomacy and project management, bringing a deep understanding of the inter-dependencies between operations, business needs and cutting-edge science.

Selected publications:

Valencia-Montoya, W.A., Elfekih, S., North, H.L., Meier, J.I., Warren, I.A., Tay, W.T., Gordon, K.H.,  et al.  2020. Adaptive introgression across semipermeable species boundaries between local Helicoverpa zea and invasive Helicoverpa armigera moths. bioRxiv

Arias, M.B., Elfekih, S. and Vogler, A.P., 2018. Population genetics and migration pathways of the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata inferred with coalescent methods. PeerJ6, p.e5340.

Elfekih, S., Etter, P., Tay, W.T., Fumagalli, M., Gordon, K., Johnson, E. and De Barro, P., 2018. Genome-wide analyses of the Bemisia tabaci species complex reveal contrasting patterns of admixture and complex demographic histories. PloS one13(1).

Elfekih, S., Tay, W.T., Gordon, K., Court, L.N. and De Barro, P.J., 2018. Standardized molecular diagnostic tool for the identification of cryptic species within the Bemisia tabaci complex. Pest management science74(1), pp.170-173.

Pearce, S.L., Clarke, D.F., East, P.D., Elfekih, S., Gordon, K.H.J., Jermiin, L.S., McGaughran, A., Oakeshott, J.G., Papanikolaou, A., Perera, O.P. and Rane, R.V., 2017. Genomic innovations, transcriptional plasticity and gene loss underlying the evolution and divergence of two highly polyphagous and invasive Helicoverpa pest species. BMC biology15(1), p.63.

Elfekih, S., Shannon, M., Haran, J. and Vogler, A.P., 2014. Detection of the acetylcholinesterase insecticide resistance mutation (G328A) in natural populations of Ceratitis capitata. Journal of economic entomology107(5), pp.1965-1968.

Achievements and Awards:

2019: Julius Career development Award – CSIRO

2016: Biochemical Society UK – conference award -SMBE

2014: Chairman’s Medal CSIRO

2011: UNESCO-L’Oréal For Women in Science- L’Oréal foundation

2007: Fulbright fellowship, USA