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  1. A cat-astrophe waiting to happen!!!

    Words: Samantha Ward Friend or foe? When you look at your fluffy pet cat curled up beside you on the sofa, do you see a cute companion or a calculating killer? Cute companion or calculating killer? Credit: Author’s own. I’m going to assume the former, but now let me ask you this: Do you let […]


  2. The diversity of Aussie grasshoppers | Part two

    Words and images: Vanessa White Some important lessons learnt and new questions around Vandiemenella laboratory rearing In the previous grasshopper blog, I reported “reasonable success with room for improvement” in our attempts to rear Vandiemenella grasshopper nymphs in the laboratory. Alternative housing is an important focus for improvement, but a discussion with Mike and Ary […]



    Words: Anne Aulsebrook Cover image: Mount Rothwell Conservation and Research Centre An article published in 1934 describes the flavour of bandicoot stew. ‘After chewing a mouthful I gave up.’ The writer states, ‘The stew tasted like roots. I have not sampled stewed bandicoot since.’ At the time of the article, bandicoots in Australia were already […]


  4. Progressing genetic rescue with eastern barred bandicoots

    Words: Ary Hoffmann Cover image: John Gould 1863   As featured recently in a Pursuit piece, we are making steady progress with the genetic rescue of eastern barred bandicoots through our joint work with Mt Rothwell sanctuary. Genetic rescue provides a way of introducing new genetic material into threatened populations which in turn allows these […]


  5. Scientific Advisory Committee supports recommendation Keyacris scurra for listing under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act

    Progress! For those unfamiliar, the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 is “the key piece of Victorian legislation for the conservation of threatened species and communities and for the management of potentially threatening processes.“, you can find more information onthe act and it’s significance for protecting threatened species in Victoria at the DELWP website. You […]


  6. Keys matchstick grasshopper is disappearing | ABC Radio interview #2

    Mike Kearney was interviewed on The ABC’s Victorian Country hour on Friday. Link below, interview begins 38:40. Victorian Country Hour for Friday 16th February 2018


  7. Grasshopper on the brink of extinction in Victoria | ABC Radio interview

    Ary was interviewed on ABC Radio Melbourne on yesterdays afternoon program with Richelle Hunt. Great to see some public interest in the conservation of an invertebrate! Link


  8. Grasshoppers: The new poster bug for insect conservation

    Ary and Michael Kearney have written a new article in Pursuit on the conservation of Key’s matchstick grasshopper (Keyacris scurra). The story has been picked up by major newspapers The Age | Sydney Morning Herald Watch this space for more grasshopper news. Featured image credit: Michael Kearney


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