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Podcast Interview Skills Workshop: Feb 13

After much deliberation, we have a new date for the podcasting interview skills workshop!

So, without further ado, please put February 13th, 12.30pm in your diaries.

WHAT: Podcasting interview skills workshop

WHEN: February 13th, 2019. 12.30pm. Duration is 1.5 hours.

WHERE: Mezzanine, Level 6, 757 Swanston Street, Parkville 3010.

HOW: Email podcasting-team@unimelb.edu.au to attend.

See you there!

The Podcasting Round-Up: Xmas Bumper Edition!

Hello pod bods!

As we reach peak silly season, it’s time for some exciting announcements:

ALL the podcasts…

With the help of our staff podcasting community, we’ve managed to collate a huge list of all the podcasts affiliated with and produced at Melbourne Uni. You can check it out here.

We decided to include archived and active podcasts together, as we all know podcasts have a ‘long tail’ (i.e. the impact continues on long after its first release) and can be listened to at any time.

But we are only human, and not exactly IT experts, so if you notice any discrepancies in that list please get in touch.

Always growing…

We’re delighted to say that we have a new podcast coming!

It’s called The Secret Life of STEM, and will focus on generating and cultivating interest in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering and Maths) among year 10s considering further study.

Episodes will be published in the coming year. For more info, email producer Buffy on buffy.gorrilla@unimelb.edu.au

Awards season…

You can now vote for us in the Australian Podcast Awards. Our entries this year are Eavesdrop on Experts and Starting Somewhere. Search for them here and cast your votes!

The Australian Podcast awards was established in 2017 to recognise and reward Australian podcasters.

Categories reflect content being produced in this country, and celebrate the industry and community that is taking shape around this content. Awards are judged by an independent panel of experts.

If you’re interested in entering your own podcast, you can do that here.

Bragging rights…

Our production assistant Silvi (aka the person currently writing this blog) was recently a finalist in The Wheeler Centre’s So You Think You Can Pod competition, with Chronically Chill – her independent podcast about chronic illness.

The podcast is primarily recorded in our Studio 757, which is free for all staff to book. Email podcasting-team@unimelb.edu.au to book some time in the studio!


Until next year, Merry Christmas and happy podcasting!




Help us name our new podcast!

We have a new podcast!
It’s all about STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) – studying it, working with it, and loving it.

Our target audience is Year 10 students, and the mission of the podcast is two-fold:

one, encourage those interested in STEM to stick with it as they move onto university. Two, for those who have not decided on STEM, we want to illustrate its importance for jobs of the future and reveal the array of careers it can open up.

So, with that in mind, which of the below do you like the most?

Tell us in the comments, or email us at podcasting-team@unimelb.edu.au

You can also find a clickable poll to vote in via our Podcasting Yammer page.

The OzPod Round-Up

So you missed out on the OzPod 2018 podcasting conference…

Fear not! There are comprehensive links to each event & its corresponding podcast here.

We highly recommend both keynote addresses, Supercharge #3, Striking a Chord, and the ‘No Feeling is Final’ session.

The ABC have also released the results of their 2018 Podcast Audience Survey, which can be perused here.





POSTPONED: Interview Skills 101 – Workshop *November 21st*

The podcasting team are delighted to be hosting a comprehensive workshop all about interviewing for your podcast!

All staff are welcome to attend.

The Podcasting Interview Skills Workshop
*November 21st*
Mezzanine Meeting Room
Level 6, 757 Swanston Street

University of Melbourne – Parkville Campus

See you there!

Introducing Starting Somewhere

Pod bods, we are so excited to announce our brand new internship podcast Starting Somewhere. This is the ideal podcast for students and job seekers for whom internships are now a necessary milestone.

Now we need your help to make this thing big: please subscribe to the podcast, share it on social with the hashtag #UnimelbStart, and most importantly, tell all your friends, colleagues, and family! When you’ve done that, consider yourself invited to our exclusive launch party on April 19.


Work has changed. When employers want more than a grade, and candidates are demanding as much of their employer as their employer is of them, internships are a crucial bridge from classroom to workplace.

Starting Somewhere is your guide to starting out – delivering insight and stories that demystify the internship landscape for students and job-seekers, and dissecting the seemingly scary world of work.

In this 10 -episode series, we tackle the hard questions:

  • Are internships just for the well-to-do?
  • Why are interns being exploited?
  • Should interns be compensated?

We’ll answer these with real-life case studies – from the first day nerves, to moving into paid-work, to the ups and downs of an ever-changing working life.

Some episodes will explore:

  • Pushing the imperative for internships and who do they really benefit?
  • Why are so many people expected to have several under their belts?
  • Has their unpaid labour been a productive use of their time or was it pure exploitation?

It’s the podcast you wished you had when you started your working life.

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Meet The Podcasters – Episode Two: Louisa Lim

In episode two of Meet the Podcasters, we pick the brain of Louisa Lim, who hosts the Little Red podcast, and The Masterclass.

Silvi: What is the Little Red podcast about, and what’s your new podcast?

Louisa: I produce two podcasts at the moment. One is called ‘The Little Red Podcast,’ and that’s a podcast that I co-host with Graeme Smith, who’s an academic at the Australian National University. And it’s a very nerdy podcast about China, really for the hardcore China nerds but we have quite a following among the journalistic community as well. We kind of bridge that gap between journalism and academia. And then my second podcast which we’re launching now is called ‘The Master Class’ and it’s a teaching podcast aimed at teaching audio journalism to students. And the idea behind that was, when I started teaching audio journalism, students had to learn from a book and then they had all these web-links in the book, so if you wanted to hear you had to go online and type things up and listen to stories separately and it was just such a hassle, I thought, “This is such a ridiculous way to learn audio, you need to learn through listening.” So, the aim is, a podcast where you’re learning through listening.

Silvi: Why did you decide to host the podcast?

Louisa: So for ‘The Little Red Podcast’ it was a project that Graeme started when he had been at the University of Melbourne. He’s an academic, he’s an expert in China’s investment in the Pacific and political economy, and I have a radio background so I just thought it would be a fun way of talking about China. And so we decided to work together and it has just turned into a really fun project, because actually there’s a lot of Australian academics doing really interesting work on China that hasn’t been getting out to a wide audience. So I just feel like it’s serving as a useful tool for the community, but also I do feel that Australian journalists are not very well-equipped to cover stories about China, there are very very few people working in the media that can speak Chinese and they don’t have the depth of knowledge that is necessary. In our podcast we’ve been able to do reporting on stories, interview people on issues that aren’t really being covered properly so I feel like we’re really doing a service in different ways.

‘The Master Class’ was a little different. It’s a teaching tool, but it’s a really fun teaching tool. So each episode is an interview with a single master of audio journalism about one aspect of the craft so that, for example, one on interviewing with Hamish Macdonald from the ABC, and one on podcasting with Julie Shapiro from Radiotopia.

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Meet The Podcasters – Episode One: Dave McRae

Welcome to the first edition of Meet The Podcasters, our exciting new series showcasing the talented audio-makers around the University of Melbourne!

Our first guest is Dave McRae, co-host of the Talking Indonesia podcast.

Silvi: What is the Talking Indonesia podcast about?

Dave: It’s a fortnightly podcast that presents an in depth interview with leading experts on political and social issues in Indonesia. We aim both to go beyond the depth of coverage that you get in the mainstream media, and also to present a more diverse range of voices. For instance, we’ve been going for around two and a half years now, and around two thirds of our guests have been Indonesians and over 40% of episodes have had female guests. We really want to present first rate analyses from a diverse set of voices to an English speaking audience.

Silvi: Why did you decide to host the podcast?

Dave: I work at the Asia Institute here at Melbourne, working on Indonesian politics and foreign policy. Back in 2015, along with professor Tim Lindsey over in the law school, we established an Indonesia at Melbourne blog, again, with the idea of making academic expertise and diverse voices on Indonesia, accessible both to other academics but particularly to a mainstream audience.

As part of setting up that blog, I felt at the time there wasn’t really a podcast that did what Talking Indonesia now does. I had a background in think tanks, and had done a lot of media interviews through that think tank experience, so I had seen how effective audio could be in reaching a broad audience  — and that was kind of where Talking Indonesia came from.

audio just has a broader reach than some of the other ways that you might try to get a message out to an audience.

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Vote for us in the podcast awards!

Hi Pod Bods!

We’re excited to announce that we’re in the running for a couple of awards in the Australian Podcast Awards. One of them is the popular vote.

To have a chance at it, we need your help in making an impact. Go to this link to cast your vote for Eavesdrop on Experts, our flagship podcast:


We can’t thank you enough!

-The Podcasting Team

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