September Pod Hub 2016 – Ignition and go!

The University of Melbourne officially launched ‘Pod Hub’ on Tuesday 27th September. Just a few days shy of International podcast day (30th September)

Pod Hub is the ‘meet up’ of UoM staff and students that share an interest (or future interest) in podcasting to provide mutual support, share advice and learn from each other. 

The University of Melbourne’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Glyn Davis, host of The Policy Shop podcast… yes our very own VC is a fellow podcaster… officially launched Pod Hub. Professor

Professor Davis has a deep interest for public policy and podcasting activities allow him to look at the spectrum of thinking around society and he has tapped the knowledge of many visiting academics and eminent commentators.

The Policy Shop was sparked by the great conversations by our visitors to the university and there isn’t a topic we can’t talk about.

Eoin Hahessey, the show runner for The Policy Shop spoke about some of the episodes which can be found via Pursuit or sound cloud.


We heard from all attendees at Pod Hub about their aspirations to make podcasts or current activities in podcasting.

Here is a list of the current podcasts at the University of Melbourne.

1. The Policy Shop  (Monthly) Discussion on public Policy affecting Australia and beyond Producer /Contact: Eoin Hahessy

2. Up Close (Fortnightly) Research – opinion – analysis Producer/ contact:  Eric Van Bemmel – External Relations

3. Talking Indonesia (Fortnightly) Analysis and exploration of social and cultural issues in Indonesia Producer/contact: Dr Dave McRae – Asia Institute

 4. The Little Red Podcast   (Fortnightly)  Analysis and exploration of social and enviro issues concerning China Producer/contact: Dr Graeme Smith – Asia Institute

5. Pause for Thought – Reflections on Contemporary India

Producer: Professor Craig Jeffrey – Australia India Institute Contact: Mr Kog Ravindran – Australia India Institute

6. The Afternoon Adda – An informal catch up on what’s hot and what’s cool in India Producer/ contact: Mr Kog Ravindran – Australia India Institute


See you at you at Future Pod Hub ‘meet ups’ which will usually have an agenda of

  1. Featured Pod Bods – their adventures in audio
  2. Useful stuff – an opportunity for the Hub to ask questions, exchange ideas and know-how.

Cheers Andi