Introducing Starting Somewhere

Pod bods, we are so excited to announce our brand new internship podcast Starting Somewhere. This is the ideal podcast for students and job seekers for whom internships are now a necessary milestone.

Now we need your help to make this thing big: please subscribe to the podcast, share it on social with the hashtag #UnimelbStart, and most importantly, tell all your friends, colleagues, and family! When you’ve done that, consider yourself invited to our exclusive launch party on April 19.


Work has changed. When employers want more than a grade, and candidates are demanding as much of their employer as their employer is of them, internships are a crucial bridge from classroom to workplace.

Starting Somewhere is your guide to starting out – delivering insight and stories that demystify the internship landscape for students and job-seekers, and dissecting the seemingly scary world of work.

In this 10 -episode series, we tackle the hard questions:

  • Are internships just for the well-to-do?
  • Why are interns being exploited?
  • Should interns be compensated?

We’ll answer these with real-life case studies – from the first day nerves, to moving into paid-work, to the ups and downs of an ever-changing working life.

Some episodes will explore:

  • Pushing the imperative for internships and who do they really benefit?
  • Why are so many people expected to have several under their belts?
  • Has their unpaid labour been a productive use of their time or was it pure exploitation?

It’s the podcast you wished you had when you started your working life.

You’re invited to help us launch this brand new podcast at the Arts Hall on April 19 (enter from under the Clocktower between South Lawn and Cussonia Court).

Events officially start at 6pm. Food and drinks included.

Stay tuned for news of a special guest speaker.

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