• Silvi Vann-Wall
  1. Free Resources For Podcasters

    No doubt you are now wondering “what sort of services are out there for podcasters that don’t charge for use?”. We’ve compiled a list of some …


  2. Tips for Interviewing

    Think recording an interview for a podcast is going to be a breeze? Think again. There are many factors to keep in mind before contacting your …


  3. Recap: The Podcasting Overview Lecture

    2018 Podcast Overview 3.0 -1egkggs We had an absolutely fantastic turnout at the first Podcasting Overview Lecture for 2018! Thanks to all for coming. Hosted by …


  4. Effective Audio Storytelling

    As Kurt Vonnegut explains in the video above, all stories have a shape. The most popular ones follow a repetitive structure: the protagonist is introduced, then …


  5. How To Host A Launch Party

    Does your podcast really exist if no-one listens to it? Successfully marketing your podcast is perhaps the toughest part of the podcasting process. It needs to …


  6. Wrapping Your Head Around The Listening Party

    Greetings Pod Bods! The phenomenon of the listening party, once an old-timey tradition of wireless owners, is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to addictive …


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