Here you can find a broad range of other resources that we have found helpful for building a better understanding of Q fever, its causes and its impacts in the community. Please feel free to contact us if you come across other important and relevant resources that you’d like us to share.

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 Project Developed Resources

 Audio/visual resources

 Infographic resources

About vaccination and the Q Fever Register

Other Fact sheets about Q fever prevention


Project Developed Resources

Informative Q fever Prevention booklet for livestock handlers, developed by the Taking the Q (Query) Out of Q Fever Research/Industry Partnership:

Download a pdf copy here

Audio/visual resources on Q fever

Q fever infographics

About vaccination and the Australian Q Fever Register

The Australian Q Fever Register

Seqirus™ (Australia) Pty Ltd

Other fact sheets about Q fever prevention


Health Direct

Victorian Farmer’s Federation

South Australia Health

Queensland Health

New South Wales Health

Center for Disease Control and Prevention