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  1. Our paper on Environmentally Mediated Resonance published in PRL (Editors’ Suggestion)

    Our paper entitled Environmentally Mediated Coherent Control of a Spin Qubit in Diamond, by Scott Lillie et al, was published in Physical Review Letters, and was selected …


  2. Our paper on Quantum Magnetic Resonance Microscopy on arXiv

    Our paper entitled Quantum Magnetic Resonance Microscopy, by David Simpson et al, was posted on arXiv. It was highlighted in the journal Nature, in the MIT Technology …


  3. David B’s paper published in Physical Review Applied

    Our paper entitled Anticrossing Spin Dynamics of Diamond Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers and All-Optical Low-Frequency Magnetometry was published in Physical Review Applied. Congratulations to David B et al!


  4. Viktor’s paper published in Nature Communications

    Our paper entitled A quantum spin-probe molecular microscope was published in Nature Communications. Congratulations to Viktor et al!


  5. James’ paper on microwave-free NMR on arXiv

    Our paper entitled Microwave-Free Nuclear Magnetic Resonance at Molecular Scales, by James, JP, David B et al, was posted on arXiv.


  6. James and David B’s paper on wide-band spectroscopy published in Phys. Rev. B

    Our paper entitled Wide-band, nanoscale magnetic resonance spectroscopy using quantum relaxation of a single spin in diamond was published in Phys. Rev. B and picked as Editor’s Suggestion. Congratulations …


  7. Our paper on graphene imaging on arXiv

    Our paper entitled Quantum imaging of current flow in graphene, by JP, Nikolai et al, was posted on arXiv.


  8. Welcome to our two new Master students

    Robert de Gille and Mirai Matsuoka joined our group and will work on quantum sensing.


  9. David B’s paper on the GSLAC study on arXiv

    Our paper entitled Spin dynamics of diamond nitrogen-vacancy centres at the ground state level anti-crossing and all-optical low frequency magnetic field sensing, by David B et al, was …


  10. Usman’s paper published in Nature Nanotechnology

    Our paper entitled Spatial metrology of dopants in silicon with exact lattice site precision was published in Nature Nanotechnology. Congratulations to Usman et al! Check out the video that illustrates this …


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