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  1. Our PRL paper on Environmentally Mediated Resonance highlighted in Nature Nanotechnology

    Our paper by Scott Lillie et al, recently published in Physical Review Letters, was highlighted in Nature Nanotechnology.

  2. Our paper on Graphene Imaging published in Science Advances

    Our paper entitled Quantum Imaging of Current Flow in Graphene, by J-P Tetienne et al, was published in Science Advances. See our press releases here and there, as well …

  3. Our paper on Environmentally Mediated Resonance published in PRL (Editors’ Suggestion)

    Our paper entitled Environmentally Mediated Coherent Control of a Spin Qubit in Diamond, by Scott Lillie et al, was published in Physical Review Letters, and was selected …

  4. Our paper on Quantum Magnetic Resonance Microscopy on arXiv

    Our paper entitled Quantum Magnetic Resonance Microscopy, by David Simpson et al, was posted on arXiv. It was highlighted in the journal Nature, in the MIT Technology …

  5. Dr. Usman’s talk titled “Precision donor qubit imaging metrology” awarded third best talk prize in CQC2T workshop held at Queensland Australia (5-7 February)

  6. David B’s paper published in Physical Review Applied

    Our paper entitled Anticrossing Spin Dynamics of Diamond Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers and All-Optical Low-Frequency Magnetometry was published in Physical Review Applied. Congratulations to David B et al!

  7. Jean-Philippe Tetienne awarded DECRA Fellowship from ARC

    A summary of his successful project is here

  8. Lloyd Hollenberg awarded 2016 RSV Research Medal

    Details are here

  9. Viktor’s paper published in Nature Communications

    Our paper entitled A quantum spin-probe molecular microscope was published in Nature Communications. Congratulations to Viktor et al!

  10. James’ paper on microwave-free NMR on arXiv

    Our paper entitled Microwave-Free Nuclear Magnetic Resonance at Molecular Scales, by James, JP, David B et al, was posted on arXiv.

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